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Soldier-Made Photography of the First World War

In her previous post “Canada’s Official Photography of the First World War,” Carla Jean Stokes offered valuable insight into the interpretation of official photography. Today she talks about the unofficial photos of the war and how soldiers continued to photograph the war in spite of the ban on photography at the front. Continue reading “Soldier-Made Photography of the First World War”

The Never Forgotten National War Memorial Project

As many History Collective readers are aware, over the past months there have been some intense debates about the proposal to install a “Mother Canada” statue in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. In this article written for Active History, historian Jill Campbell-Miller does an excellent job addressing some of the issues surrounding the proposed development. Her article untangles the complexity of some of the concerns and addresses both the aesthetic debates and the representation of Canadian history.

Photo Credit: ‘Vimy Ridge Memorial: “Mother Canada” overlooks the Lens-Douai plain’/Cbone (cropped from original)

The Historic Churches of Kitchener, Ontario

1412398_10154859963010455_7885151444313832678_oAuthor: Jason Sager

Originally published at Jason’s Literary Salon.

After my last trip to Paris, I have been inspired to spend more time enjoying and appreciating the place where I actually live.  For the past decade or so, I have called Kitchener home.  It’s a great place to live and with a bit of an adventurous spirit, it is really easy to find all kinds of hidden and not so hidden gems in the city. Continue reading “The Historic Churches of Kitchener, Ontario”

Photography on the Front Lines: Canada’s Official Photography of the First World War

StokesProfilePicAuthor: Carla-Jean Stokes

In this article, Carla-Jean examines Canada’s Official Photography of the First World War and asks pertinent questions about how we should view these images. “Are they relentlessly truthful documents of life and death on the Western front? Or are they snapshots of the imagined Canadian past, manufactured to delude the public and wage a destructive war of attrition? Perhaps they fall somewhere in between.” Continue reading “Photography on the Front Lines: Canada’s Official Photography of the First World War”

A Medieval Treasure in the Heart of Paris

1412398_10154859963010455_7885151444313832678_oAuthor: Jason Sager

This post was originally published at Jason’s Literary Salon

To say that there are an unlimited number of fun things to do in Paris is quite the understatement. But for most people who visit, you only have a limited time and you want to see as much as possible. With limited time and for most of us, limited budgets, you have to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck. Continue reading “A Medieval Treasure in the Heart of Paris”

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