HistoryCollectiveLogoThe History Collective was founded by Jason Sager (PhD) to provide an online community for historians to network and share research interests. This website will publish posts written by members* about their own research, entries relating to history in the media, and book reviews on either academic monographs or historical fiction. We will also publish relevant videos or podcasts.

Since this is a collective, we will adjust this post and the format of the site as necessary to reflect the interests of our readers and contributors. We are looking to create a place where historians can share both scholarly ideas and musings on popular history. Below is a list of suggestions for how you can contribute to The History Collective.

*anyone who contributes to the website is automatically a member. There are no membership requirements or fees.

Blog posts:

If you are interested in contributing to The History Collective please email us at thehistorycollective.net@gmail.com with a brief proposal and bio. Blog posts should be 500-1,000 words long. We welcome the inclusion of multimedia; however, all media attachments must be free from copyright restrictions or licensed for use under creative commons. If you have any questions about copyright restrictions please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Videos and podcasts:

If you would like to have your video or podcast featured on the site, please email us the link and/or file along with a 2-3 sentence summary/description.

Members posts elsewhere:

If you have a post or article on another website that you think would be of interest to History Collective readers, please send a brief description and the link so we can direct readers to the relevant site.

Columnists and features writers:

If you have an idea for a regular column on this site please email us with a brief proposal. Regular columns should use the same format as other blog and vlog posts.