The above is taken from the Chroniques de Froissart housed at the Museum Palantin – Moretus

There is no question that the Middle Ages continues to fascinate us.  As a discipline, Medieval Studies which can encompass subjects ranging from traditional history to modern interpretations of the medieval past, has undergone something of a Renaissance (if you will pardon the expression).

As a result, there have been innumerable resources, particularly online resources that make the study of medieval history more accessible to anyone interested in learning about this period.  One of the resources that is Digitized Medieval Manuscripts which provides links to just about every archive that has undertaken to digitized their medieval manuscripts. The app was developed by the blog Sexy Codicology and promises to be a fabulous resource for anyone, though you may want to brush up on your Latin.  Even without Latin, most of these manuscripts are wonderfully illuminated and can be appreciated for their artistic value alone.

The only thing is I tried several of the links pinned on the google map of the archives and some of the links don’t work. I am willing to chalk it up to my server and I will continue to try to use the links. Of course, I could also go to the homepage of each of the archives and following the links from there or take it as an opportunity to continue to explore all the archives. Either way, this is just one stunning example of how new media and digitization can be used to further the interests of great scholarship.