A selection from the “General News” for August 11, 1902.

General News.

“The King has presented Osborne to the nation.”

“Dr S.J. Hopkins of Port Colborne dropped dead.”

“The by-law to bonus a furniture factory was carried at Cornwall.”

“The corner-stone of King Edward School was laid at Hamilton.”

“The Saratoga Special was won by Whitney & Duryea’s Irish Lad.”

“Jas. Joseph Tissot, the artist, illustrator of “The Life of Christ” is dead.”

“At San Angelo, Texas, fire destroyed the Landon Hotel, burning seven people to death.”

“To-day will be celebrated throughout Great Britain as a day of thanksgiving for the King’s recovery.”

“General Lucas Meyer, formerly commanding the troops of the Orange Free State, died of heart disease at Brussels.”

“Two Parisians perished from exposure on Mont Blanc, and their two guides were killed while descending for assistance.”

“Over 300 people were thrown into the river at Isle Grosbois, near Montreal, by the collapse of a wharf. All were rescued.”

Source: "General News" The Globe (1844-1936); Aug 11, 1902; ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Globe and Mail pg. 1